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Autumn Leaves

Rather than bagging your leaves for the municipality to dispose of, why not make them work for your garden.

Fall leaves (especially shredded) are a valuable source of  “brown”, high-carbon material for compost and garden mulch.   Simply mowing them will provide your lawns’ soil with nutrients. Hoarding a bag or two in your shed over winter will give your Spring composting a head start.


Help Sustain Banned Books Week

Held during the last week of September since 1982, Banned Books week encourages readers to examine challenged literary works, and promotes intellectual freedom in libraries, schools and bookstores. Drop in to your campus library to see a list of challenged works.


Think Spring! Think Sustainable Gardening!

Using Xeriscape principles in landscaping conserves water and saves money. Read more »


Happy Earth Day From the Vernon Library

Come in to the Vernon Library to see a selection of titles and resources to help you go green.

Read more »