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Posts from the ‘Climate and Weather’ Category


Green Roof Research at OC Penticton

Did you realize there are a number of Green Roof sections on the Centre of Excellence building in Penticton? Faculty from Okanagan College are carrying out research on the hydrology of the green roof to support scholarly activity and teaching.  Read more


Responsible Energy Management

Okanagan College is committed to sustainability and seeks to be an environmental steward in our local communities and beyond.  A key part of our commitment to sustainability is the development and expansion of environmentally responsible energy systems.   Read more »


Feb 15: Green IT specialist reveals impact of IT on climate change

Zero carbon networks, cloud computing, server farms and electric roads are among the topics that will be presented by Bill St. Arnaud, one of Canada’s most prominent figures in the information and communication technologies (ICT), in a public lecture as part of the Science in Society Speaker Series (a joint project by the Okanagan Science Centre and the Okanagan College). Read more »


Weather Stations with Real-time Data

The Geography & Earth and Environmental Science Department has recently installed a solar-powered, wireless weather station on the roof of the Vernon Campus.  Read more »