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April 27, 2012


Car Share Program coming to Kelowna

by Rob St.Onge

A new organization in Kelowna is in the process of starting a Car Share Co-Op in Kelowna.

The Okanagan Valley is without a formal car sharing service today. However, the Okanagan Car Share Co-op wants to provide car sharing services to the citizens, educational and public institutions, and businesses within the Okanagan Valley.

Take the survey to ensure that students and staff at OC can make the most of this opportunity!

Car sharing (short term vehicle access) is a relatively new and exciting option for urban transportation.  Through car sharing, individuals gain the benefits of private vehicle use without the costs and responsibilities associated with ownership. It seeks to benefit the environment by reducing emissions from the use of private cars, reduces traffic congestion and cuts down the demand for parking. It also makes it possible for people to save money by not owning a car (or a second car for families), while still having access to one as needed. All those benefits contribute to the quality of life in a community. Successful car sharing co-operatives exist in large and small communities across Canada, including Vancouver, Victoria, Nelson and Winnipeg.

The survey explores the feasibility of bringing car sharing to the Okanagan and aims at identifying the potential demand for car sharing in this area.

The survey can be found here:

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