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April 16, 2012


Earth Day Weekend: Electronics Disposal Event at the KLO Campus

by Rob St.Onge

What Are Your Plans for Earth Day this weekend?

To honor this Occasion, OC will be hosting an E-waste Recycling depot at the KLO Campus this Saturday April 21st, from 9-3! It’s the day before Earth Day (Officially Apr 22) – so you can stretch the event into a whole weekend!

Speaking of Recycling:

How about giving the planet a break by thinking twice before purchasing….. ANYTHING?

While it is nice to see how much we recycle here in the Okanagan, remember that of the 3 R’s, “RECYCLE” is last.   Try REDUCING or RE-USING first!

Some simple tips:


  • Don’t Accumulate. How many TV’s, Computers, Coffee Mugs or Jackets does a person need? Almost all of these items come from overseas – consider the fuel needed to power that cargo carrier.
  • Don’t go to the store unless you specifically need something – this will help you avoid impulse purchases. Good for the planet, and even better for your wallet!


  • If you do decide that you need something specific, how about second hand store – or Castanet?
  • When you are finished with something, consider that it might have value to others. Post it on Castanet (it’s free), take it to Value Village or donate it to Big Brothers.
  • Place it on your curb with a “FREE” sign on it – you will be surprised how fast it disappears!


  • If it is truly useless, make sure it gets into the proper recycling stream. Most items can go in your recycling bin at home – but some need special processing.
  • The production, transportation and eventual recycling of our goods all adds up to a significant carbon footprint. While Recycling is better than dumping your trash in the ditch, if you didn’t need it in the first place, it is still incredibly wasteful.
  • Ask yourself this question:  If everyone one of the 7 Billion People on this planet had one of these “widgets”, how sustainable would it seem then?
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  1. annon
    Apr 16 2012

    I see “Saturday April 23rd” Do you mean Saturday April 21st or Saturday April 28th? The 23rd is next Monday?

    • Apr 17 2012

      oops – April 21st is correct – thanks for the note.


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