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March 17, 2012

Marketing Students Campaign for Tap Water

by okanagancollegesustainability

80 students in Arnica Rowan’s BUAD 116 Marketing class are applying their new advertising, publicity and promotions knowledge to a great cause. Their work is flooding the Kelowna campus, as the first year students are trying to switch students and staff away from bottled water to tap water. Watch for more events World Water Day on March 22nd!

For the Integrated Marketing Commuications Plan, Advertsing, Sales and Promotions sections the classes decided to do a cumulative homework project, spanning 4 weeks of class. The studnets are following the regular course outline and chapters,with an applied project example that pertains to each section.

The students decided to do a IMC campaign against bottled water, with the goal of switching as many staff and students as possible away from bottled to tap water. First, they watched the Story of Stuff video on bottled water , and it became the jumping off point.

  • Small groups identified key messages for each of the AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) segments of the campaign.
  • As a class, they brainstormed all different kinds of promotions, sales, advertising, social/community marketing and public relations vehicles.
  • Then in different small groups, the students decided on activities that fit each AIDA segment.

In task groups the students are working on different parts of the campaign. their self-propelled activities include posters, Facebook pledges and twitter campaigns, etc. There are many moving parts. Some fun highlights:

  • The students wrote a press releases in class.
  • Thursday March 15  8:20-10am some students hosted a bottled vs. tap taste test in the atrium.
  • Students chalk-graffittied messages all ofver the KLO campus.
  • The students are sharing videos and project reports in their Facebook groups.
  • Thursday March 22 –  Some students working with the OCSU and manning their booth to do “personal selling” on World Water Day, March 22. They are also working with Facilities to do a stunt – making a mountain of water bottle waste in the atrium the same day.

If you would add get involved, please join their Facebook “event” pages and spread the word to your friends and colleagues:

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