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March 16, 2012


Sustainability! Complex Problems Require Multi-factorial Solutions

by tarbidian
Human Kinetics Students

Human Kinetics students seek to understand human behaviour as it impacts health and sustainability.  Drinking water inspired nineteen HKIN 261 students to undertake a research project as a major course assignment.  A literature review highlighted the complexity of the health, environmental, economic, and social issues surrounding bottled water.  A campus-wide survey and an environmental audit were completed.  The project culminated in a report to the Regional Dean with three measurable goals and seven recommendations for action.  The #1 recommendation was to upgrade the drinking water fountains to cold, filtered reusable bottle fill stations with a sipping option.  All five drinking fountains at the Penticton Campus have since been replaced.  In the last two years, 44,226 reusable bottles have been filled.  Increased access to a free, healthy, sustainable water choice was key to reducing consumption of bottled water.  Students learned that with administrative support, careful research and thoughtful recommendations; that one small group can make a difference.

– Submitted by Wendy Wheeler, M.Sc

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  1. This is such an awesome example of active learning, and providing real value to the campus. Way to go Wendy and students!


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