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January 19, 2012


Fair Shake: A Public Forum on Social Change and Progressive Solutions

by Arnica Rowan

Special guest speaker MP Justin Trudeau: “Town Hall” bringing together stakeholders from a variety of disciples, with more than 15 community leaders speaking on a diverse range of topics related to social, environmental, political, justice and economic issues. Plus musical and spoken word performances, and short films.

» Saturday 21 January 2012, 1-5 pm
» Okanagan College Lecture Theatre
» 1000 KLO Road, Kelowna

From the Okangan Institute:

The world has been watching the Occupy protests become a growing symbol of the discontent many feel about the way things are going, and the disconnect between the few and the many. When we look around us, we see a civilization that is choking on its own trash and toxins, a planet being consumed by casino capitalism, an economic system which thrives on human suffering, mass imprisonment, violence and economic strife. We see a system that cannot be fixed by the same people who brought us here, with the same old methods, ideologies and promises.

Though we may have different focuses, different politics and different goals, we share a common sense that something has gone fundamentally wrong. We must prepare ourselves for the struggle ahead, because we have been left futureless by a group of people who insist we ask them to solve the problem, so they can refuse us. We don’t make one simple demand because this isn’t for the media to turn into sound bites, for politicians to aggrandize or argue against, for bankers to gamble on or for academics to study. We’re not asking for permission, we must teach ourselves how to create a better world without them.

Hosted by by Occupy Kelowna, the Council of Canadians and the Okanagan Institute.

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  1. Rob St.Onge
    Jan 19 2012

    There seems ot be some confusion over the location of this booking.

    Liberal Web-Site and OC Events Calendar indicate that this is at the Vernon Campus Theater.
    This artical and the Kelowna Capital News indicate Kelown Campus.

    Is there some way to find out for sure?



    • Arnica Rowan
      Jan 19 2012

      All the info I got shows it to be in Kelowna. Thanks for asking!


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