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September 15, 2011

Sustainability Curriculum Team goal for 2011-2012

by okanagancollegesustainability

The Sustainability Curriculum Team at Okanagan College is an active, engaged group of educators inspired by sustainability. Our goal for 2011-2012 is to inspire our colleagues to integrate sustainability into their curriculum.

Sustainability Curriculum Team May 2011 Meeting Report
Present: Andrea Pow, Arnica Rowan, Dave Williams, Ellen Pedersen, Terry Day, Vladmir Neykov

Last meeting, we talked about:

  • The Integrating Sustainability in the Curriculum “train the trainer” workshop Arnica Rowan and Vlad Neykov attended at Capilano University.
    • LOOKING FORWARD: Arnica Rowan and Trudy Kavanah from UBCO are exploring cohosting a session next May for teachers from both campuses.
    • Our performance in the STARS assessment – we did well in sustainability-related courses but not so well in sustainability-focused courses. Full assessment is on STARS website and linked off the Sustainability Blog.
      •  TO DO: check the learning outcomes for all the Tech diplomas and the Environmental Studies Diploma, as they might have sustainability learning outcomes (Dave Williams, Ellen Pedersen and Arnica Rowan) – done and included
      • TO DO: Ask IT if we can update the definition of courses in the calendar to include the leaves. (Arnica Rowan) – in progress

What is our goal for the 2011-2012 year?

  •  Raise awareness of integrating sustainability into the curriculum across the college.


  1. Try to hold an “Integrating Sustainability in the Curriculum” workshop May 2012 between the UBCO and OC Kelowna campuses. This workshop is focused on teachers new to the area of sustainability. Our team would support the workshop. (Arnica Rowan) – in progress
  2. 2.       Publish 26 stories, tips and tricks in Inside OC and on the blog about incorporating sustainability in classrooms, projects etc. Invite people to showcase their ideas. (David Williams) – in progress
  3. Meet as a collective to chat, swap ideas, and build community throughout the year. (Vlad Neykov and Ellen Pedersen.) – in progress

We also discussed attending Green Drinks and other events to keep up our profile, and creating an overall awareness of the team at OC.

If you want to join the Okanagan College Sustainability Curriculum Team, please email Arnica Rowan to be included on the email list.  We meet informally and formally a few times a year.

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