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August 22, 2011

Back to School / Back to Work Lunches

by okanagancollegesustainability

What’s in your lunchkit? Show off your ecosense with these great reuseable lunchboxes, lunch bags and gear for a great meal on campus. Read six reasons for owning your own lunch kit.

Your best options are lunch tools that are sturdy and reuseable, and made from sustainable resources. Check out some of my favs:


  • To Go bamboo utensils – handy reuseable eating tools
  • The Classic Lunchbox – nothing is as functional and as sturdy
  • Tiffin Boxes – great for salad eaters as well as curry eaters
  • The Statement Lunchbox – a bit of fun in the middle of the day!

Many of these are available at local retailers. You can also check out on-line sources,  Eco-mom and

Some great reasons to own a lunch kit:

  • your lunch doesn’t get squashed
  • you can eat anywhere on campus
  • you save money by bringing food from home
  • you plan your lunch so you chose healthier options
  • everyone likes your lunch kit
  • less waste – happy earth!

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