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June 3, 2011


Sustainability Courses Noted in Course Calendar

by Arnica Rowan

As part of Okanagan College’s commitment to sustainability, sustainability-related and sustainability-focused courses have been identified on our website. We are now publishing these results online in the Okanagan College calendar.

You will see one of two little green icons  below a course description if the course meets one of the two criteria (sustainability-focused or -related).  These icons will also show up in Classfinder. If you mouse over the icon, you will see a definition of
sustainability-focused or –related.

Here are two examples you may want to look at:

 BIOL 175 is Sustainability-Focused

 BIOL 111 is Sustainability-Related

Please also note the new Course Search (second tab when you visit the above link).

What exactly are Sustainability-related and Sustainability-Focused courses?

Sustainability “incorporates economic and social change to protect the natural systems of the planet, so that current and future generations may maintain or improve their quality of life.”
Sustainability definition, Okanagan College Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Sustainability-focused courses either concentrate on the concept of sustainability, including its social, economic, and environmental dimensions, or examine an issue or topic using sustainability as a lens.

Sustainability-related courses incorporate sustainability as a distinct course component or module or concentrate on a
single sustainability principle or issue.

Identification of these courses is part of our self-assessment by the STARS – the Sustainability Tracking and Assessment Rating System.

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  1. Rob St.Onge
    Jun 6 2011

    What a huge step forward! Well done. Some of these courses look fascinating.


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