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April 24, 2009

From bamboo shirts to 80% recycled binders – OC bookstores

by okanagancollegesustainability

If you haven’t browsed one of the OC bookstores lately, you might be surprised what is on the shelves!

renu clothing in Okanagan College bookstoresMost of the clothing is made from bamboo and soy, both renewable materials. Look for the renu brand to support sustainable farming and fair labour practices.

If you are shopping for classroom supplies, read the back of the notebooks: many are Greencycled, with 50% recycled content. 80% recycled binders make a statement – and when you are no longer using them, the components are recyclable and compostable.

elephant poo poo paper productsThe bookstores will even be carrying Elephant Poo Poo brand paper notebooks and other supplies in the fall, made from – you guessed it! – elephant waste.

lone pine publishingFor your summer reading, learn about social responsibility with a copy of Fashioning Reality by Ben Barry, or explore the beautiful Okanagan with your own Lone Pine guide to hikes or local flora and fauna.

Students walking away with $500 in purchases (usually a semester’s worth of textbooks,) get a free multiuse bag to carry them; for your purchases, you can buy a cool peace sign multi-use bag for $2 or choose a biodegradable plastic bag (although these will soon be phased out.) Even better, you can BYOB – bring your own bag.

Happy shopping!

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