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April 7, 2009


Cafeteria Takes a Leadership Role

by okanagancollegesustainability

At the KLO cafeteria, change is in the air – or should we say, in the food!

The cafeteria has taken several steps to make our food service more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible: compostable take-out containers

  • Currently, all of the vegetable waste resulting from cafeteria food production is composted at Bylands Garden Centre. (Watch out for composting available throughout the KLO campus within the next year.)
  • Goodbye Styrofoam take-out! For a meal on-the-go, they now offer molded fiber containers that are biodegradable, made from sugarcane and bamboo, and meet the ASTM D 6868 standards specifications for compostability.
  • The cafeteria’s coffee provider, Seattle’s Best, offers several Fair Trade Certified and organic coffee choices. Showing real leadership, the cafeteria has committed to offer exclusively Fair Trade Certified™ and organic coffee within a year.

To do your part to eat responsibly: Okanagan College Travel Mug

  • Bring your own travel mug to the cafeteria for coffee. The maximum they charge is for a 16 ounce cup, even if you have a larger travel mug.
  • Don’t use take-out! unless you are actually going somewhere. Choose ceramic plates and metal cutlery and save yourself the take-out fee.
  • The cafeteria even offers “to stay” small coffee mugs.
  • Choose organic and Fair Trade Certified™ coffees… and tell the staff that you appreciate those choices.
  • Choose vegetarian meals more often; animal protein takes 10x the energy and makes 10x the CO2 emissions as plant protein.
  • Watch your waste: take only what you plan on eating, even at the sumptuous buffet!
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  1. Kelly
    Jun 13 2012

    So glad to see Okanagan College promoting social responsibility through fair trade! It’s action such as this that creates positive change. Imagine the difference it would if the entire city of Kelowna refused to buy anything but fair trade products… a lofty thought, but an inspiring one nonetheless.

    For anyone interested in fair trade, feel free to visit Ten Thousand Villages’s Kelowna blog.

    Keep it up, OC!


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